Structural racism + snow = disaster in Atlanta

Here’s a good piece in Slate about how the context of structural racism made it possible for two inches of snow to paralyze Atlanta for two days.

What Does Racism Have to Do With Gridlock?

In Atlanta, everything.

Atlanta Snow Commute
High school student David Hunter and his mother Demetra Dobbins walk up a highway exit ramp on their way home during Atlanta’s Jan. 29 storm.
Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

This week’s weather fiasco in Atlanta, which stranded thousands of commuters on glassy-slick roads and gridlocked the entire metro region for the better part of 24 hours, was caused by a freak snowstorm, they say. And this is true, in the same way it’s true to say the Civil War started because some guys in Charleston, S.C., started lobbing cannon balls at Fort Sumter. But the real problem in Atlanta isn’t snow; the real problem is history.

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